Relaxation Therapies 
Remedial Massage

This is a deep tissue massage done by skilled hands to create the conditions for the body’s return to optimal health after injury. It is used to treat strains, sprains and bruising deep tissue massage removes blockages, damaged cells, scar tissue and adhesions left after injury, speeds up recovery and encourages more complete healing. Remedial Massage is also used for conditions created by lifestyle for example Repetitive Strain Injury and Back Pain.
Back Neck and Shoulder                          
 30 mins                                     £30.00
Swedish Massage
A firm massage thats good for relieving stress and tension. It helps improve circulation and removes toxins.
Back Neck and Shoulder                            
30 mins                                           £29.00
Full Body                                                          
60 mins                                           £39.00

Hot Lava Shell Relax Massage
For the ultimate, calming massage, the Lava Shells Relax treatment is the soothing solution. As the therapist glides the marine polished sea shells smoothly over the body, you will instantly drift into a blanket of warmth, falling into a state of utter relaxation and calm. During the massage, the shells are worked over the palms, arms, neck and shoulder area, with the focus of the massage surrounding pressure points. Deep tissue work on these tension areas such as the feet, back and shoulders, ease away all muscle tension, knots and stress points, unblocking an energy flow and releasing a sense of balance to the entire body and mind.

       60 mins                                   £46.00
Aromatherapy Massage 

A gentle deeply relaxing massage using a blend of organic essential oils from The Aromatherapy Company.                                                                    

Back, Neck and Shoulder                             
 30 mins                                           £29.00    
Full Body                                                           
 60 mins                                           £38.00    
Full Body Face And Scalp                              
 75 mins                                            £49.00
Indian Head Massage
A relaxing treatment working on the head, neck, shoulders and face. It helps to balance the mind, unblock sinuses, excellent for headache sufferers             
 40mins                                            £30.00
Purifying Back Treatment
De-stress your muscles and cleanse the skin of impurities with this purifying and relaxing back treatment. It starts by cleansing the back under steam then a deeply-cleansing scrub sloughs off dead skin cells, followed by a detoxifying warm masque readying skin for the removal of toxins with a revitalising massage. Your hardest parts to reach will be cleansed, polished, hydrated and refreshed!
 45 mins                                           £32.00

Hot Lava Shell Back Massage
For an intensive back, neck and shoulder treatment this deep tissue massage uses heated lava shells to achieve a firm deep pressure and treat deep rooted muscle problems. The radiating heat from the shells releases tension and leaves you feeling instantly stress free and rejuvenated.

 30 mins                                               £32.00


Our relexologist Jacqui Crealock is based here at Eden Beauty every Saturday. With over 17 years experience Jacqui is able to offer a deeply relaxing stress relieving treatment. Reflexology has been shown to be helpful in improving systems of stress related conditions, muscle pains, respiratory problems, headaches and migraines, sinus problems, menstrual irregularities and much more.   

60 mins                                                                                £31.00

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