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The innovative, high-performance CryoPen allows professionals to work with a millimetre precision to permanently remove skin imperfections and lesions. It is the most accurate and painless way of removing skin lesions, in a quick and effective way, in as little as 20 seconds. Dependant on the size of your imperfection you may need only one session, however for larger areas of removal you will need more than one treatment. It is the ideal treatment to remove:

- skin tags

- solar lentigo

- age spots

- milia

- warts and verrucas 

- cherry angioma

Your first appointment will include a thorough consultation as well as the initial treatment. Prices are dependant on what kind of skin lesion you have and how many treatments you will require. You will also come back 3 weeks after your treatment so that we can check how it has healed and sometimes whether another treatment will be required. If you are looking for further information, or to see if we can help then please contact Jenny at the salon number. You will sometimes need a GP note in order for us to continue with the treatment. 

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