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Hands & Feet



Our manicures include a soak, cuticle work with Navy Tools, a hand and arm massage, buff and file nails and finish with a treatment base coat and polish of your choice. Gel Bottles can be added for an extra £6.00



The ultimate pedicure service cleanses, renews and restores the spirit and mind as well as the feet. We soak, soften, scrub, massage and smooth your feet to professional perfection. We will then finish with a treatment base coat and a polish of your choice. Gel bottles can be added for an extra £8.00

File & Polish 


For fingers or toes this treatment is a perfect quick fix. 

Nails are cut and filed then finished with a treatment base coat and a colour of your choice.

Luxury Manicure


Your hands will be soaked, massaged and coated in mask which will then be cocooned in heated mittens to keep the heat in. This will improve blood circulation and help relieve any joint pain and re-hydrate the skin. Next we will push back the cuticles, file and buff the nails and finish with a treatment base coat and colour of your choice.

Luxury Pedicure


This truly is an experience you will not forget. Your feet will firstly be soaked in a warm foot bath to soften skin and cuticles. Any hard unwanted skin will then be removed and exfoliated with a beautiful fruit scented scrub. Next a relaxing foot and leg massage to relieve stress and tension. Your feet will then be coated in mask and cocooned in heated booties to allow the warmth to penetrate relaxing tired joints and re-hydrate the skin. The cuticles will then be tidied and nails filed and buffed. The treatment will then be completed with a treatment base coat and a polish of your choice.

Luxury Gel Treatment


The ultimate treatment to pamper your tired hands. After prepping and applying gel to your hands we gently cleanse and exfoliate away dry skin. Before applying a luxurious mask, and cocooning your hands into heated mittens. We finish with a rich cuticle oil, and a relaxing hand massage. For this luxurious treatment we use the beautiful skin care range from Navy Professional.

Calgel Gel Overlays 


The nails will be given a dry manicure by tidying cuticles filing and gentle buffing the nail bed in preparation for the gel. After choosing from a selection of different colours including French the gel is then applied to the natural nail bed and cured under a UV light. This will then protect the natural nails helping them to grow naturally without enhancements. Calgel will give you the same look as a polish but will not chip or smudge lasting up to 3 weeks.

Calgel Gel Infills 


As your nails grow the Calgel will move down your nail with them. This will leave a gap at the cuticle and this will need to be filled in every 2-3 weeks. This is the perfect time to change the colour!

*Please add £10.00 to the cost of Calgel Gel Overlays if you wish to have a full pedicure included.

Acrylic Nail Enhancements £45.00

Our method of applying Acrylic nails creates length and durability to the nail without causing any damage. We use a new nail enhancement system, called CJP, that involves no blending the tip to the nail creating a nice relaxing experience. We do use an electric file to buff over the acrylic after application and before infills.  We use this with safety bits so that we cannot cause any damage to your nails.

Acrylic Nail Infills


As your nails grow the Acrylic will move down the nail bed leaving a gap at the cuticle. This will need to be filled in every 2 weeks. 

Soak Off / Removal


If you would like to have your Acrylic or Gel nails removed then we have a quick an effective method that will not damage your natural nails. This will be followed by a mini manicure and finished with a treatment base coat.

Pedicure with removal of gel polish and then reapply gel polish


The gel bottle polishes are soak off, highly pigmented gel polishes, with a long lasting shine. The best part is that they are all Vegan and Cruelty-free products. 

Builder in a bottle 


 Builder in a bottle, or BIAB, are a range from the gel bottle that are brilliant for sculpting and extending your natural nails. They also help to add extra strength to your natural nails. Ideal for people who suffer with chipping nails. 

If you would then like the gel bottle over the top it is an extra £5.00.

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