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All our waxing treatments are carried out using a speed roller waxing system — we use a patented roller waxing method that is completely hygienic as no wax is returned back into the cartridge after contact with the skin. Made from high quality ingredients, the wax is formulated to flow smoothly through the roller heads.

Under Arm


Half Arm 


Full Arm 




Half Leg


Full Leg


Bikini Line






Lip & Chin






Full Leg & Bikini


Bikini Line Plus


Lycon Hot Wax

We offer a complete premium waxing system that is designed to make your waxing treatments easier, virtually pain free. Superb results guaranteed. Lycon wax truly removes hairs as short as 1mm. Perfect for intimate waxing.

Bikini Line 


Extended Bikini


Brazilian Look-a-like 

Landing strip but not underneath



Landing Strip



Removal of all hair 


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